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You can find here some users comments about the missed call number 4256689652. If there are no entries about the phone number 4256689652 than you can post your own experiences and set the call type. Feel free to comment that phone number.

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Phone number 4256689652

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Neutral, 01.22.2014

This guy, James Williams, called and said he was from Windows, and that my computer was sending Windows messages and that it (my computer) was downloading a lot of stuff. Give me a break, windows (Microsoft) would not call me. Also the name came up V01220236530035 (if that an online phone number?) Most importantly I know my computer inside and out literally! There is nothing wrong with it. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!!!! Never allow anyone remote access and never EVER give out you password or any personal information on the phone or an email!!! I told "James" that I would call all my friends and warn them and if any got a call from him that I would report him! He hung up! Please be careful of information you put out there and warn friends and family not to fall for this scam! Also if you have a camera on your computer/tablet or laptop etc, tape over the lens or unplug from computer when not in use.

Neutral, 10.31.2013

I answered and was told there was a problem with my computer, I said I don't have a problem, he said you will have a problem, I hung up and won't answer anymore calls, he had a a.n accent

Neutral, 10.22.2013

This number called me in Fayetteville, GA. ID: "Caller Not Found". I did not answer.

Dangerous, 10.01.2013

Received two calls; one on my cell phone and one on my landline. Silly me for answering! The first time it was someone with a heavy accent asking about my computer and I said I didn't have the computer anymore and they hung up. The second time the person was speaking in another language and I said I couldn't understand. He said computer and I knew it was they same company. I asked him to "please remove me from their call list." He began saying very clearly in English "F--- You!" until I hung up! Not a reputable company!

Neutral, 09.26.2013

was on my answering @ 9:07 sept 26 2013 name left was Birendra, didnot return call.

Neutral, 09.25.2013

This number came into my home a gentleman from India said he was from the Windows technical center and calling about my computer...I don't own a Windows based computer and told him I knew it was a scam. He told me to shut up, I told him he was a scammer, he told me I was too and repeatedly told me to shut up. How can these calls come through? When I called back it said the number was disconnected!

Neutral, 09.25.2013

A lady with a very strong accent called our place this morning at 8:15 CT and said that she was calling because there was a virus on our computer and it was being linked to them. She was calling to tell us this as a favour and that she could help us get rid of the virus and that it would just take 10 minutes of our time at the computer. My husband told her we were just leaving for work and did not have time to do this. She said she would try to be back in the office to help us and call us at 6:00 o'clock tonight as people in Canada were losing their computers to this virus.

Neutral, 09.16.2013

Called at 3:38 MST. I usually don't answer when I don't recognize the number. Did answer today and told the caller that my phone number was on the do not call registry and if they called again, I would file a complaint. Caller hung up on me without saying anything.

Neutral, 09.05.2013

10:58am Sept 5,2013

Neutral, 09.02.2013

Telemarketer calls and tells me there is something wrong with my computer and asks me to type in "Eventvwr". There is a lot of background noise. Telemarketer has a Filipino accent and insists that he can fix my computer.