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Neutral, 07.27.2015

i do not know who it was, could you help me find it? maybe its a frind and an important call?

Neutral, 07.15.2015

it just called me but i did't answered it..it actually hang out pretty quickly

Neutral, 07.13.2015

Same experience guys hay sa kagustuhang magkapera scam pla un thank you guys know I know.

Neutral, 07.13.2015

same experience here, answered a survey and got a call from this number

Neutral, 07.11.2015

please block these number

Neutral, 07.09.2015

ngpa ring cya nkapg sign up ako sa rob. puregold gago talga panu maalis un

Neutral, 07.07.2015

isa lang ibig sabihin nun NALUKO TAYOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neutral, 07.07.2015

missed call

Neutral, 07.07.2015

I also fill up the survey for promo having a gift cheque from puregold or Sodexo and about an hour they missed a call from this number!

Neutral, 07.06.2015

How to bolck this ??

Neutral, 07.06.2015

I also fill up the survey for promo having a gift cheque from puregold or Sodexo and about an hour they missed a call from this number! Is these a Scam?

Neutral, 07.02.2015

can we ask government agency to block this site rewards-ph.com ?

Neutral, 07.01.2015

I also experienced this, Idon't know why it called me. I don't have any relatives Germany.

Neutral, 06.30.2015

same thing happened to me...I just tried answering a survey online then ended up registering (nasilaw sa 10k GC haha)...then may missed call na from the same number...hmmmm

Neutral, 06.29.2015

I also signed up the Puregold this afternoon and i gave all the details about myself.

Neutral, 06.29.2015

I also received a missed call from this number this afternoon at around 4:47 PM June 29, 2015. I am from the Philippines I am wondering why this number made a miss call, I don't have a relatives from other country.

Neutral, 06.29.2015

5 mins. ago nag miscall din sya skin . sa pag fill up ko nga nya nkuha no. ko.

Neutral, 06.28.2015

why you missed call my number 09087406239

Neutral, 06.28.2015

i just received a phone call to this number but i ignore.... just wanna ask guys nag sign up po ba kau dun sa isang advertisement na mananalo ka ng 10000 GC from SM,ROBINSON and PUREGOLD? i think jan nila nakuha mga contact ntn... so ibig sabhin yung advertisement na yun ai SCAM.. nag sign up kasi ako dun and give all of my details..the after few minutes tumatawag na po.

Neutral, 06.27.2015

i received now and i though it was my friend from Germany because their Country code is like from Germany.

Neutral, 06.26.2015

I also receive a missed call from this number yesterday around 5:29 PM. Im curious about it.I want to know who /what country comes from?

Neutral, 06.25.2015

i also rcvd a missed from this number this morning around 8:32AM and seach google...now i know it was just a scam

Neutral, 06.25.2015

Oh yes..a few minutes ago i answered some survey before einning worth of 10k to choose. I preferred the puregold supmkt...but the survey git lost to my tablet...then i receivec a missed cal just few seconds...then try to check where this number was.....

Neutral, 06.21.2015

Yes i got a missed call 2:46PM june 21, 2015. I just answered a survey for a 10,000 GC.

Neutral, 06.20.2015

Ako now lang ok lang ba yun mas mabuti na hindi sagutin

Neutral, 06.20.2015

yesgot a missed call from this number few minutes ago thats why i ggogle it,.i answerredsurveys few days ago,..how to blocked them and to report

Neutral, 06.19.2015

I also answered a survey just earlier today then after a couple of minutes,i had a missed call from d same number..wtf!..i didnt dinish d survey either..is der a way 2 trace who owns dis number from frankfurt main germany?

Neutral, 06.16.2015

Just as now, I've answered survey asking personal questions etc etc then this number is calling me, fortunately i was not able to pick my phone to answer. What does this mean? I search this number in Google

Neutral, 06.16.2015

I received a missed call just now from this number after I answered some questions in a survey which I thought to be valid because it said it's a survey fron Bayantel. Glad I didn't finish it. This number should be blocked!

Neutral, 06.15.2015

I also got a missed cal from this number today...area code 49 is from Germany so i txt this number back since i believe this is scam and asked him/her this...""can we be partner in crime? 40 - 60 profit sharing"...hahahhah! still waiting for a good reply....