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Dangerous, 07.24.2014

i got this call too after visiting the site of free choice win an apple - weird...

Neutral, 07.23.2014

I just got a missed call from this number. I'm from malaysia.

Neutral, 07.21.2014

i just got a missed call from this to. i'm from philippines

Neutral, 07.21.2014

i just got a missed call from this to. i'm from malaysia

Neutral, 07.18.2014

i just got a missed call from this to. i'm from philippines

Neutral, 07.17.2014

i just got a missed call from this number today..... who is it..?

Neutral, 07.16.2014

i just got a missed call from this number to!

Neutral, 07.15.2014

This is actually a scam! Received it after I filled up something online!!!

Neutral, 06.30.2014

i also received this call????im just wondering ...

Neutral, 06.26.2014

I also got his missed call last June 20, 2014

Neutral, 06.26.2014

also got this call while at work, don't know who's number is this. Anyway, thanks to all the comments here, now I wont worry who the caller maybe

Neutral, 06.25.2014

dis # just kol me at around 3:30 dis afternun (mla. time) wen i answer d kol i heard nothing den it sudenly disconected!!

Neutral, 06.21.2014

Scam got a call today 6/21/2014 - 11:15 MNLA time... whew.. i did not bother answering this is a S C A M!!!

Neutral, 06.21.2014

So this no. was still active though. Everything I see about this no. is wayback 2013

Neutral, 12.24.2013

calling me this morning and im wondering who this person might be calling from germany..anyways it may be a scam..

Neutral, 12.17.2013

this is a SCAM GUYS ! BEWARE ..

Neutral, 12.17.2013

me too .. just an hour .. i thought i win the phone .. im from philippines

Dangerous, 11.23.2013

Suddenly I receive this call from Germany pl do not answer dangerous because I did not go to Germany

Neutral, 11.22.2013

same here

Neutral, 11.19.2013

who is this and why miss call

Neutral, 10.28.2013


Neutral, 10.25.2013

Yesterday I also got miss call from this no. but when i was dialing then it not goes through

Neutral, 10.11.2013

anyone,,, please share what happened after this incident

Neutral, 10.11.2013

After filling this Free-Choice, i got a missed call from this 0496926012260,, and i knew its from Germany

Dangerous, 09.27.2013

yeah right. I got a missed call from this number after signing something you can win an Apple i phone.

Neutral, 09.23.2013

i got just an miss call

Neutral, 09.23.2013

Gt cal from this numb, this morning

Neutral, 09.18.2013

who are you?

Neutral, 09.16.2013

got miscall from this number also

Dangerous, 08.20.2013

had the same experience about this number after filling the FREE CHOICEor the Entertainment Factory..