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Neutral, 11.22.2014

nagmiscol ngaun lng 6.45pm here at phil. akala ku foreingn no.

Neutral, 11.21.2014

this morning at exactly 8:14 this number had missed call.......why?????

Neutral, 11.21.2014

I had a missed call just this morning.. at 8:21

Neutral, 11.19.2014

madaling araw tumawag,then sinagot ko,bglang pinatay

Neutral, 11.18.2014

Me too.. 1:59 pm. I'm from philipinnes.

Neutral, 11.18.2014

This Number Calls me at 2:06 pm November 18,2014.. im from Philippines

Neutral, 11.17.2014

Fuck All of you

Dangerous, 11.15.2014

This number is calling me that woke me up early in the morning I thought it was my relatives abroad that is why I answered, and when I do, I heard nothing.

Neutral, 11.15.2014

me too! just a while ago ..

Neutral, 11.13.2014

me too just by now that no. missed call my phone no. whats wrong with that no.?

Neutral, 11.13.2014

Same experience here..

Neutral, 11.13.2014

JUST AWHILE AGO AT ABOUT 08.40 AM...11/13/14

Dangerous, 11.12.2014

when i get back to my table where my phone was left, i got 1 missed call at 8:47 today, Nov. 11, 2014 from this number 496926012260.

Neutral, 11.11.2014

eu recebi uma chmada nao atendida deste n;+496926012260.aqui no brasil rio de janeiro,eu gostaria de saber quem e? e como conciguirao meu numero

Neutral, 11.11.2014

I received a call from this number +496926012260 today Nov.11,2014 at 9:39AM, I answered the call but unfortunately nobody is speaking on the line. I was wondering if where did they get my number?

Neutral, 11.09.2014

I received a call from this number +496926012260, November 5 at 8am. Unfortunately I wasnt able to answer it.

Neutral, 11.07.2014

I received a call from my cell phone from this no. +496926012260 last November 5, 2012 around 9:13AM here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to answer it and had a missed call. I'm wondering who would be the caller and where/how they got my number. - Grace

Neutral, 11.06.2014

I got a missed call from this mobile number around 2:44 pm, November 5, 2014 here in the Philippines. I am curious where did he/she gets my mobile number. - Rizel

Neutral, 10.31.2014

I got a call at 2:57pm here in the Philippines.

Neutral, 10.30.2014

i also got missed call this afternoon at 12:37pm

Neutral, 10.30.2014

I also got a miss call around 8:19 am

Neutral, 10.29.2014

i also like to know what country it came from.. ive got a miss call today at around 10:16am

Neutral, 10.28.2014

i got a miscall from this number yesterday october 27, 2014

Useful, 10.27.2014

I got a call from this no. earlier. Unfortunately I was not able to answer.

Neutral, 10.27.2014

me too i got a miss call today oct 27 2014.

Neutral, 10.25.2014

I just 5 miss call this oct. 25 14. That early morning...

Neutral, 10.25.2014

i got missed call today 01:55 pm, 10/25/14

Neutral, 10.25.2014

I got missed call today at 08:19, 10/25/14..I don't know where its from

Neutral, 10.25.2014

i got missed call to this no. 0496926012260 at 8:22PM and when i have my returned call the answer is unrecognized no.

Neutral, 10.25.2014

i also got a misscall today , 10/25/14 at 08:34 a.m.., after reading other comments, i realized having joined in a 20k gift check @ robinson after answering survey.... so is this really a scam as mentioned by others?