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You can find here some users comments about the missed call number 496926012260. If there are no entries about the phone number 496926012260 than you can post your own experiences and set the call type. Feel free to comment that phone number.

Who calls from 496926012260?

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Phone number 496926012260

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Neutral, 11.28.2015

This number called me too at 8:30 in manila but didn't answer it...

Neutral, 11.26.2015

scammers ,,anong pwede nilang gawin ..Php

Neutral, 11.26.2015

They call me when my neighbors wife on top on me. i thought twas my neighbors husband calling from abroad! RIP English

Neutral, 11.26.2015


Neutral, 11.25.2015

Anong gagawin nila doon? Pakisagot po

Neutral, 11.25.2015

Fuck this scammers! I realized how stupid i am, i used my mom identity in info that they give.Please lord dont let the scammers go to our house.Fucking bullshit scammers! God will punished you.Goodluck.May i ask question? What would they do if they get the information about us? Please answer.I'm seriously fucking nervous about it.

Neutral, 11.24.2015

Damn.this no.ther are scammers wer planet they from y they doing this.wat they can get in this modus?Hope that NTC well do an action about it

Neutral, 11.23.2015

tang ina mga scammer yan..tmawag rin sken yan letche nbgay q p nman personal information q..mga gago yan..block n yan no.n yan tsaka mga website dapat d nla hnahayaan yan..

Neutral, 11.19.2015

what kind of telecom provider they are using parang kakaiba ksi ung dami ng numbers nya, is it traceble? nabiktima rin kasi ako eh, f__k them!

Neutral, 11.18.2015

i just realized how stupid i am! i used my boyfriend's identity in filling up their damn survey questions. fuck those scammers!

Neutral, 11.18.2015

damn! buti naisip kong isearch yung number na yan dto. may pasurvey survey pang nalalaman. mga tao talaga sa pilipinas oh!

Neutral, 11.12.2015

got a call from this number after i answered a survey questions from chrome pero nang sagutin ko wala namang sumasagot, mga walang magawa sa buhay!

Neutral, 11.10.2015

Shit nabiktimarin ako nang scam tumawag din sa akin ang # na yan

Neutral, 11.03.2015

Scammmers, i got the phonecall when i signed in in rewards at something blah blah

Neutral, 10.21.2015

i ask all where this place.this number+496926012260 where places user this number

Neutral, 10.21.2015

i ask all where this place.this number+496926012260 where places user this number

Neutral, 10.21.2015

got a missed call from this number today after answering survey in google chrome. this number should be blocked. tsk tsk..

Neutral, 10.20.2015

Just ring me now after i answered a survey

Neutral, 10.17.2015

Same here, just got a missed call from this number after I answered a survey for free meal at jollibee,mcdo and pizza hut.

Neutral, 10.15.2015

tnx for this very useful i know that this number is a scammer

Neutral, 10.11.2015

just got a missed call from this number.. i just registered on a website with a promo of free lunch at jollibee, mcdo or pizza hut..

SMS, 10.04.2015

same gift check ! puregold may mga question pa .. from cagayan de oro .

Neutral, 09.26.2015

missed a call awhle ago from this number

Neutral, 09.25.2015

just called and when i answered it..after 2mins. turned down

Neutral, 09.25.2015

Letcheng scam yan, may kalulugaran ka sakin.

Dangerous, 09.17.2015

i got a call a while ago from +49 692 601 2260.. i realized i fill out info on a scammer website.. fuck! :-(

Neutral, 09.17.2015


Neutral, 09.16.2015

This number called twice since 20 minutes after I registered on a website. I answered it the 2nd time but the line was cut immediately after 1 second. So I read the Privacy Policies. 3. What do we use your personal information for? The personal information we collect from you may be used in one of the following ways: To promote and market products or services offered by us, our partners and our clients; e.g. online retail, financial products, media, communications products, consumer goods, market research, consulting services, sms services, entertainment. To improve on our website; To enable us to send periodic emails and/or newsletters, and to contact you via any media pertaining to updates and information on products or services offered by us, our sponsors and our clients; To enable our partners to contact you directly via any media, on their products and services; and To transfer, sell or assign such information to any entity to which we divest all or a portion of our business, or to such of our clients as we deem appropriate. I'm going to give it a try.

Neutral, 09.15.2015

I also received missed call from this number +49 692 601 2260 at 6:55pm GMT+8 manila philippines time.

Neutral, 09.15.2015

I received a missed call from this number at 8:21pm today