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You can find here some users comments about the missed call number 501. If there are no entries about the phone number 501 than you can post your own experiences and set the call type. Feel free to comment that phone number.

Who calls from 501?

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Phone number 501

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SMS, 05.02.2015


Neutral, 05.02.2015


Neutral, 01.24.2015


Neutral, 11.26.2014

Yet another nuisance call from 00501. Who ever it is, they should be traced and legally prosecuted. I am clearly not the only one who has been called by this number.

Neutral, 07.24.2014

I have received several calls from this 00501 number when I answer no one is there,no one speaks!!! When I have missed the call they never leave a message on my answer machine. . .who is this caller and why keep ringing?

Neutral, 12.06.2013

Called me while I was out. No message left. 00501 seems a strange number, which country is it from?

Neutral, 09.17.2013

Ha ha. An idiot called me and asked me to hold down windows key and alt.. Then after I pretended to do this ....said to me type in " windows security has been breached" then hung up. What a stupid idiot thinking anyone would type this in to their own PC whilst receiving a calling from a call Center number 00501 pretending to be Microsoft technical support. Get educated you scamming fu¥k wits. Go back to shovelling sh$t from the sewers.