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You can find here some users comments about the missed call number 6317078965. If there are no entries about the phone number 6317078965 than you can post your own experiences and set the call type. Feel free to comment that phone number.

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Phone number 6317078965

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Dangerous, 02.26.2014

I recieved 8 calls from them Monday February 24, 2013.The Person called said he is from IRS Special Investigation Division, Calling to inform that there is arrest warrant due to error in tax filing and asked to pay 5000 dollars to resolve the issue out of court or else will forward the file to local police and will be arrested in an hours time and kept in custody for 72 hours and then until trial, if convicted will be sent to jail for 5 years and will be deported. The way he spoke was so real cant believe how this person got my number and name. Finally he asked me to go to close by seven eleven or cvs and purchase monogram for 5000, he asked me to be on phone all the time until the transaction is done. Only at this time I realized it might be spam and called the local police - dispatch police told me to ignore the call as it is spam. If anyone else receive the call from the above number report it to local police so that they can find this person and put him behind bars.